A few of our latest Reviews

“Great staff, Wonderful Owners, and can’t beat the kurig coffee pot or free doggie biscuits! It’s our first stop every weekend on our way to the mountain. This is a great shop where they never forget a face (or dog)!!

“Quaint, affordable, accessible. I love the customer service. The employees are friendly and knowledgeable. ”

“WCW is the only store I’ve seen with a reasonable range in prices. They have some strains that are <$10/gram, and some that are >$20/gram. This allows people to have access without feeling taken advantage of, but almost more importantly, it allows for this idea of ‘curating cannabis’…These stores who have a set gram price for everything are actually doing harm to the culture. Imagine (for example) if every brand of whiskey was the same price, it’d be impossible to tell how classy the bottle you bought was, and as a consequence of this ‘crap shoot,’ people would stop taking note of the alcohol content, the aging process, the type of whiskey (etc) and by extension would have a much harder time finding their brand. WCW even helped my old man find strains based on his desired symptom relief– which including talking him through some of the cannabinoid content beyond THC. WCW has a knowledgable staff that will talk to you, let you see and smell, and help you make decisions. I’ve already gotten deals I wasn’t aware of, as well as ‘secret phrase’ discounts (their website is up now–http://www.wcwcannabis.com). Be prepared for the official grand opening next month!”

“Excited to have a recreational shop close to my home. The people are really nice and helpful. The weed is dank! I will be back for more.

“Gorgeous store with very low prices for recreational MJ.”

“Well arranged and great service”

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